Erroll G. Williams, Assessor Orleans Parish Assessor’s Office
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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR PHONE SYSTEM  (Click HERE) Orleans Parish Assessor’s Office OPAO will rely on the expertise of the selected firm in outlining an approach andmethodology. Below are critical dates associated with the OPAO vendor selection process: Please download the full RFP here. (Click HERE)
EAST BANK: City Hall, 1300 Perdido Street, City Hall Room 4E01 • (504) 658-1300 WEST BANK: Algiers Courthouse, 225 Morgan Street • (504) 368-7642 Office Hours (East and West Bank): Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Page 5 Number 8: The new phone system should not use any existing OPAO Internet or network bandwidth (this requirement is owned by MSI IT).  Please clarify what this means. This means that one of the OPAO goals is to have the phone system on a network separate from internet traffic. Some vendors can provide a separate network and some cannot.  The ability or inability to deliver separate, additional network connectivity does not prohibit the eligibility of a phone system-only provider from providing phone services.  The OPAO IT team bears ultimate responsibility for addressing the need for the additional network connectivity. Does the 65 phone count include the conference room phone? No.  Total phone count need is 66 Do receptionists need the ability to put people on hold? Yes.  Only one person on hold per receptionist. Please clarify question 7(below); which workstation application(s) are in question?  By “Security”, are you referencing your desktop environment or the vendor's security solution? The vendor's solution security. We are looking for clarity around security measures associated with the vendor’s solution. Things such as password requirements to access any software elements, ports that need to be opened up or secured, any known conflicts with antivirus software, any whitelisting requirements, privileges associated with local app installation, etc.