Property reviews for residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial, and tax exempt properties are ongoing. There are over 56,000 parcels in this county. The Carroll County Board of Tax Assessors per GA code 48-5-299 is charged with valuing all real and personal property. Verified sales data has determined the Carroll County's value changes over the last 4 years including this year. As such, the necessary adjustments have been made to property values that are reflected on the 2020 assessment notices. Upon request, documentation can be provided that supports the value of the assessment. The taxpayer can request this information electronically at no cost. Email address is

Appraisers of the Carroll County Tax Assessor's Office are handling the reviewing. They will have badges, and will have Carroll County shirts for identification. They will also be in Carroll County vehicles marked accordingly. If a resident is at home when the appraisers visit, the appraiser will verify the property information that the county has on file. They will not enter the residence unless invited in to view changes to the property information. They will conduct an outside inspection of all residences and all out buildings on the property. The appraisers will be making pictures of the front and back of the structures. These field reviews are required by Georgia law to be conducted every 3-4 years to ensure that property descriptions, construction, and amenities are properly recorded.

If a resident is not at home when the appraisers visit, they will conduct an outside inspection and leave a card/door hanger informing the residents that they were there.

All appraisers will be checking for mobile/manufactured home decals. They must be displayed somewhere easily accessible by the appraiser.

The appraisers will not go through or over a locked gate. They will leave a card/door hanger on the gate if feasible. If resident has a locked gate, the resident is asked to call the Carroll County Tax Assessor's Office Dept. at 770-830-5812 to schedule an appointment to meet the appraiser on site.

Residents with any question are asked to call 770-830-5812.

Returned Assessment Notices

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