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NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS AND OCCUPANTS CONCERNING VISITS TO YOUR PROPERTY Georgia Law (OCGA § 48-5-264.1) requires property owners and occupants be provided reasonable notice prior to a site visit conducted by or on behalf of the Candler County Assessors Office. In accordance with this law, please be advised that the Candler County Appraisal Staff may be visiting your property soon. The purpose of this visit will be either to determine the level of completion of any improvements that may have been made to your property or to verify accuracy of the improvements already listed on our digest. The issuance of a Electric Permit may necessitate a visit to your property. Also a visit may be conducted if a Property Tax Return is made, an Appeal is filed or if a Covenant has recently been filed on the property. The appraiser will only gather necessary property information and take photographs. The appraiser will have a photo identification badge and will be driving an appropriately marked vehicle. If the appraiser is not allowed access to your property, estimations will be performed. If there are any questions about the identity of the appraiser or regarding the visit, do not hesitate to contact the Candler County Assessors Office at (912)685-6346.
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