Qualified Service Members

Certain members of the US Military who own homesteaded property in Monroe County are now eligible to receive an additional exemption on their 2012 property taxes, provided they meet the requirements of HB 1141, recently passed by the Florida House and Senate.

The exemption is effective for the 2013 tax year and is available to service members who:

  1. Already own homesteaded property in Monroe County , and
  2. Were deployed during the preceding calendar year (2012) on active duty outside the Continental US, Alaska or Hawaii in support of:

  3. -- Operation Enduring Freedom (start date 10/7/2001)

    -- Operation New Dawn (start date 9/1/2010)

Per the legislation, a “Service Member” is a member, or former member, of the US military or military reserves, the US Coast Guard or its reserves, or the Florida National Guard.

The additional exemption will be calculated based on the taxable value of the homestead on January 1 of 2013, multiplied by the number of days that the service member was on a qualifying deployment in 2012, and then divided by the number of days in the year.

The filing deadline to receive the exemption for 2013 is March 1, 2013. Current and former service members who feel they qualify must submit the Deployed Military Exemption Application—Form DR-501M (see Forms). Proof of a qualifying deployment, dates of that deployment, and other necessary information to verify their eligibility for the additional exemption must also be submitted. In certain cases, the application may be filed by a spouse or by a designated agent or representative.

The Monroe County Property Appraiser encourages qualified service members to apply.

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