Bill Alward, PVA
Bill has served as PVA for more than twenty years and has received his Certified Kentucky Assessor (CKA) Designation, and his Senior Kentucky Assessor (SKA) Designation. He served as President of the Kentucky State PVA Association for 2 years, and has served on State Executive and Legislative Committees. His leadership and dedication to this office has benefited and improved our entire county.

Belinda McKinney, Chief Deputy PVA
Belinda first joined the PVA Office in 1982 and after a brief layoff she was re-hired in 1995. Her primary job responsibilities include office administration, GIS/Mapping Specialties, and Pictometry. She received her Certified Kentucky Assessor (CKA) Designation in 2004, and her Senior Kentucky Assessor (SKA) Designation in 2009.

Molly Alward, Administrative Assistant
Molly joined the office of the PVA in 1995 and oversees the Tangible Property Tax Department. She assists with the day to day managing of the office administration. Molly is one of the smiling faces you will most likely see behind the counter when you walk through the door of the PVA office.

Karen Greenwood, Chief Property Assessment Clerk
Karen began in the PVA office as a customer representative in 2005 Through her completion of state and national educational programs she achieved her Certified Kentucky Assessor Designation and later her Designation as a Senior Kentucky Assessor. Also, she was awarded the Excel Deputy of the Year in 2009 at our state convention. During the Ice Storm and Tornado natural disasters that hit Muhlenberg County she volunteered her time and expertise with Pictometry aerial imagery in assisting the first responders of our area.

Laura Jones, Customer Service Representative
Laura joined our office in 2007 as a customer service representative. She is now involved in the transfer of properties from data entry to mapping issues. She has become proficient in Kentucky and International Association of Assessors courses and acquired her Certified Kentucky Assessors Designation. She is now furthering her education to become a Senior Kentucky Assessor.

Nicole McIntosh, Customer Service Representative
Nicole is responsible for serving taxpayers at the front desk and assisting in data and mapping issues. In addition she is responsible for maintaining and updating our computer information system and the motor vehicle assessment system.

Kasey Greenwood, Customer Service Representative
Kasey is responsible for customer service & assisting in our mapping department. She works part-time while obtaining her college degree and is involved in data entry and she assists with mapping issues.

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