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General Information Real Property Data Collection We receive information from several different sources: 1. Madison County Planning and Building Codes office provides a list of permits as they are issued.  These include all improvements such as new homes, additions, garages, multi- family dwellings (duplexes, apartments, condos), new businesses, pools, and manufactured homes. 2. Both Richmond and Berea also provide permits for such improvements. 3. Real estate listings are used to verify square footage and record interior characteristics. 4. Manufactured home parks are required by law to annually provide a list of resident owners and information on the manufactured homes sitting on their lots (owner mailing address, make, model, and year). In addition to the sources listed above, PVA Field Representatives conduct on-site physical inspections.  Field representatives may take digital pictures, measure, and record basic characteristics of any structures.  Interior characteristics may be gathered from on-site discussions with the owner or occupant.  KRS 132.220(3) The Property Valuation Administrator, his employees or employees of the Department of Revenue may physically inspect and revalue land and building in the absence of the property owner or resident.  The exterior dimensions of buildings may be measured and building photographs may be taken; however, with the exception of buildings under construction or not yet occupied, an interior inspection of residential and farm buildings, and of the nonpublic portions of commercial buildings shall not be conducted in the absence or without the permission of the owner or resident. It is the policy of the Madison County PVA office that Field Representatives are not permitted to enter the interior of a residence.  If an interior inspection of the residence is requested by the home owner, an appointment must be made with the PVA office.  This policy is for the safety of the PVA Field Representatives and the home owner. Previous Page 
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