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General Information Property Tax Exemptions Government Owned Property Property that is both publicly owned and used for a public purpose is exempt from property taxation under the constitution. The property must meet both requirements before an exemption can be granted. Examples:  a. Municipal Buildings b. Water treatment plants c. Courthouses Educational Institutions To qualify for a property tax exemption under this classification an institution must: a. Be non-profit b. Have its funds used exclusively for education and c. Be located within Kentucky The Court of Appeals has defined an institution of education as a place where systematic instruction in any and all useful branches of learning is given by methods common in schools and institutions of learning. An organization may apply for property tax exemption by completing form 62A023 in its entirety and submitting it to the Madison County Property Valuation Office When an organization requests an exemption they need to request an application from the Property Valuation Office. Application for Exemption from Property Taxation – Form 62A023 Churches Other Exempt Properties 
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