Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have to pay taxes once you become 65?
A.Once you reach age 65, you may be eligible for the Homestead Exemption. Depending on your assessment, your taxes will either be much lower or you will not have to pay. Please see "Exemptions" for more information.

Q. I sold my property in March. Do I still have to pay the taxes for this year?
A. The bill goes to the Janiary 1 owner. It is between the buyer and seller if they choose to make other arrangements concerning the taxes.

Q. I didn't receive a bill, so I shouldn't have to pay taxes.
A. If you own property, you know you owe taxes. Tax bills are considered a courtesy so you should contact your local assessment office to see about your bill.

Q. Who do I pay my taxes to?
A. Real Estate property taxes are paid to the Sheriff. Once they become delinquent and are filed in the lien book, the taxes are paid to the County Clerk.

Q. How long do I have to record my deed?
A. In Ky, there is no law stating a person has to record his/her deed in a certain length of time.

Q.What do the Tax Rates come from?
A.The State has a Tax Rate. The County has a Tax Rate. Each taxing district located within the County has a tax rate. All these rates are combined for the Total Tax Rate that your bill is figured on. Each City located within the County will each have their own tax bill.

Q.When is the tax Rate Set?
A.The State rate is normally set early in the year. However, the local rates aren't usually set until July or August.

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