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Notice to Citizens Concerning Notice of Appeal Actions

Review your 2020 Annual Notice of Assessment. If you disagree with your value, or other information on the form, call to schedule an informal appointment with an appraiser to discuss your property by calling 912-764-2181. During this time to respect social distancing protocols, only the property owner(s) or their agent can attend this meeting. If you are unable to meet with an appraiser to discuss your property, you may always file a written appeal to our office. Please make sure to include any evidence that would support a value adjustment, i.e. an appraisal within the last year, photos of physical issues with the property or comparable sales. You can only appeal based on Value (fair market value), Uniformity (not comparable to your neighbors) or Taxability (churches, charitable organizations, etc.)

Also, starting this year the county is offering through this site for citizens to appeal online.

Directions to using the Appeal Module:

Go to the following URL: https://qpublic.net/ga/bulloch

Click on 'Search Records'

Click 'Agree' to Terms and Conditions to enter site

Under 'Search by Owner Name' type in your name as it appears on your deed. (Last name, First name)

Or search for your property by the other search criteria on the page.

Click 'Enter' to search for your parcel

Your Property card will appear with your owner info and the property information

Click on 'Appeal to Board of Assessors' button to start the online appeal process

A new page will appear titled Online Appeal

Enter your email - by entering your email the system will give you a confirmation email when the process is completed

Click 'Start'

A new page will appear

Click in the box beside the grounds to which you are appealing

Click 'Save'

A new page will appear

Note: If you need to go back to make changes; at the top of the page click on the 'Step' that you want to go back to. The active one(s) will be in light blue and underlined.

Click 'Start new Comparable Search'

A new page will appear with your parcel in red on the right side and the criteria you can select to get your comparable parcels in black.

Click in the box under USE beside each Category you want. The Criteria for your comparable parcels has been preset according to your parcel, but you can change these if you would like. You can select all or as many as one category. Example might be if you live in a subdivision you could just put a check the use box beside 'subdivision'. The system would then only look for subjects in the same subdivision as you live in.

Click 'Search'

A new page will appear entitled 'Appeal Comparable Results'

Read the instructions and choose up to 5 parcels that you think most compare to yours by clicking in the box on the left side of the parcel you choose.

Click 'Select Checked Items for Report'

The appeal form will appear and be populated with your chosen parcels. You will need to fill in the form and note the process will not go through unless you enter the value fields and your phone number. If you are not using an agent in the process leave these fields as they are.

Next, select by clicking in a box how you want to appeal; BOE, Arbitration, Hearing Officer, or Court.

Click 'Save'

A new page will appear

Click 'Upload Documents' if you have supporting documents you would like to be considered in this appeal or if you do not have documents click 'Skip this Step'

A new page will appear

Review the Appeal forms and Sign in the box using your cursor

Click 'Approve and Submit this Appeal'

If you put in an email address in the first of the process, you will receive a confirmation of submittal to this email.

You have completed the application to appeal and a county appraiser will contact you to set up an appointment to go over your appeal.

Homestead Applications are available on our website at www.bullochtaxassessors.org. Complete the Homestead Application form. Print and sign the completed form. Attach a copy of the signed form and a copy of your current driver's license and email to homestead@bullochcounty.net. The Homestead Application and copy of your driver's license may be mailed to P O Box 1421 Statesboro, GA 30459. Homestead Applications are due April 1st. Any questions may be sent to the email address or call the office at 912-764-2181.

Any other questions, call the office at 912-764-2181

Business Personal Property (PT50), Marine (PT50M), Aircraft (PT50A) and Freeport (PT50PF) Reporting Forms may be submitted online. Forms are available at our website at www.bullochtaxassessors.org. Once completed the forms may be emailed to personalproperty@bulloch.net . Forms may also be mailed to P O Box 1421 Statesboro, GA 30459. All returns are due April 1st. Any questions may be sent to the email address or call the office at 912-764-2181.

For GIS Maps or 911 addressing, please call the office at 912-764-2181.

Any other questions, call the office at 912-764-2181

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