Staff Directory


Main Office Key West

Real Estate
Name Title Phone E-mail
Dawn Christ Director, Real Estate Services 305-292-3492
Penny Johnson Deputy Appraiser 305-292-3951
Tina Malgrat Director, Taxroll 305-292-3459
Carla Tynes Deputy Appraiser 305-292-3491
Trish Weech-Ramirez Deputy Appraiser 305-292-3407
Sheri Yoest Deputy Appraiser 305-292-3428
Randy Pekarik Homestead Investigator 305-295-3183
Maggie Diaz Deputy Appraiser, Front Desk 305-292-3530
Sherry Wilson Deputy Appraiser, Front Desk 305-292-3420

Name Title Phone E-mail
Mike Russo Director, Appraisal Services 305-292-3413
Dee Dee Harnish Director, Valuation Services 305-292-3521
Tony Bethel Deputy Appraiser 305-292-3502
Kenny Brogli Deputy Appraiser 305-292-3612
Victoria Commander-Formico Deputy Appraiser 305-292-3505
Dave Krause Deputy Appraiser 305-292-3520
Elizabeth MacLaughlin Deputy Appraiser 305-292-3493
Scott Youschak Deputy Appraiser 305-292-3494
Nicole Dewine Deputy Appraiser 305-292-3088

Tangible Personal Property
Name Title Phone E-mail
Neal Birmingham Deputy Appraiser 305-292-3453
Yolima Bernal Deputy Appraiser 305-292-3496
Ken Dispenza Deputy Appraiser 305-292-3514

Information Technology & GIS Mapping
Name Title Phone E-mail
Robbie Shaw Director, Information Technology 305-292-3503
Hank Kokenzie Network Administrator 305-292-3447
Jason Boeskool Technical Specialist 305-292-3454
Jim Gale GIS Mapping Specialist 305-292-3511

Office of the Property Appraiser
Name Title Phone E-mail
Denise O'Connell Executive Assistant 305-292-3404


Marathon Office

Name Title Phone E-mail
Mike Russo Director, Appraisal Services 305-289-2554
Susan Anisko Deputy Appraiser 305-289-2818
Beth Ann Connell Deputy Appraiser 305-289-2552
Jodie Cullen Deputy Appraiser, Front Desk 305-289-2550

Plantation Office

Name Title Phone E-mail
Mike Russo Director, Appraisal Services 305-853-7314
Dave Clark Deputy Appraiser 305-853-7318
Melinda Diaz Deputy Appraiser 305-853-7357
Patrick Schlafly Deputy Appraiser 305-853-7333
Jenn White Deputy Appraiser, Front Desk 305-852-7130
Terry Hinton Deputy Appraiser, Front Desk 305-853-7353

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