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Original Application for Homestead and Related Tax Exemptions

Also required for the application for homestead exemption, is the form titled "Transfer of Homestead Assessment Difference". Please complete both forms when applying for this exemption.

Every person who has legal or equitable title to real property in the State of Florida and who resides thereon and in good faith makes it his or her permanent residence is eligible. First time applicants are required to furnish their social security number, and should have available evidence of ownership i.e., deed, contract, etc. If title is held by the husband alone, a wife may file for him, with his consent, and vice versa. Citizens voted January 29th to change the property tax system in Florida and implemented Constitutional Amendment 1. The first of these changes increased the homestead exemption by an additional $25,000 which is applicable to the third $25,000 in taxable value. If filing for the first time, be prepared to answer these and other questions:

1. In whose name or names was the title to the dwelling recorded as of January 1st?

2. What is the street address of the property?

3. Are you a legal resident of the State of Florida? (A Certificate of Domicile or Voter's Registration will be proof if dated prior to January 1st.)

4. Do you have a Florida license plate on your car and a Florida driver's license?

5. Were you living in the dwelling which is being claimed for homestead exemption on January 1st?

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Every person who is eligible for the homestead exemption described above is eligible for an additional homestead exemption up to $50,000 under the following circumstances: (1) the county or municipality adopts an ordinance that allows the additional homestead exemption which applies only to the taxes levied by the unit of government granting the exemption; (2) the taxpayer is 65 years of age or older on January 1 of the year for which the exemption is claimed; (3) the annual household income of the taxpayer (defined as the Adjusted Gross Income as defined in s.62, United States Internal Revenue Code of all members of a household) for the prior year does not exceed $20,000 (beginning January 1, 2001, this income threshold is adjusted annually by the percentage change in the average cost-of-living index); and, (4) the taxpayer annually submits a sworn statement of household income to the property appraiser not later than March 1.
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Transfer of Homestead Assessment Difference

If you have applied for a new homestead exemption and are entitled to transfer a homestead assessment difference from a homestead exemption for the previous year, file this form with your property appraiser by March 1st. Co-applicants transferring from a different homestead must fill out a separate form.
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Deployed Military Exemption Application
Verification of Deployment Form

Available to members of United States military or military reserves, The United States Coast Guard or its re-serves who receive a homestead ex-emption and were deployed in the previous year on active duty outside the continental United States, Alaska, or Hawaii in support of military operations designated by the Legislature.

Qualifying service members are required to complete an application identifying on which of the three operations they were deployed, the dates deployed during the previous year and proof of said deployment.

Deadline to file timely is March 1.
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Religious, Literary, Scientific, or Charitable Exemption Application

Attachment to Ad Valorem Tax Exemption Application and return

For the use of organizations applying for exempt status under Chapter 196, Florida Statutes which are organized and operated for religious, literary, charitable, scientific, sewer water/wastewater systems, education, hospitals, nursing homes, and homes for special services.
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Exemption for Property Used by Nonprofit Homes for the Aged

Section 196.1975, F.S.

Additional provisions for exempting property used by hospitals, nursing homes, and homes for special services. (1) The applicant must be a Florida corporation not for profit that has been exempt as of January 1 of the year for which exemption from ad valorem property taxes is requested from federal income taxation by having qualified as an exempt organization under the provisions of s. (2) In determining the extent of exemption to be granted to institutions licensed as hospitals, ...
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Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Homes for Special Services

This Affidavit must be completed by each apartment owner or owners, renter or renters to qualify for the exemption.
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Charter School Facilities

This application is for use by charter schools or owners of facilities used to house a charter school for exemption purposes.
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Statement of Gross Income

This statement must be completed and signed by applicants for the Exemption for Totally and Permanently Disabled Persons, Section196.101, Florida Statutes, and attached to the exemption application.
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Physician's Certification of Total and Permanent Disability

Each Florida resident applying for a total and permanent disability exemption must present to the county property appraiser, on or before March 1 of each year, a copy of this form or a letter from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs or its predecessor. Each form is to be completed by a licensed Florida physician.
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Optometrist's Certification of Total and Permanent Disability

Property to the value of $500 of every widow, widower, blind person, or totally and permanently disabled person who is a bona fide resident of this state shall be exempt from taxation. As used in this section, the term "totally and permanently disabled person" means a person who is currently certified by a physician licensed in this state, by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs or its predecessor, or by the Social Security Administrtion to be totally and permanently disabled.

Every Florida resident who is blind qualifies for this exemption. If claiming exemption based on blindness, a certification from the Division of Blind Services of the Department of Education or the United States Department of Veterans Affairs certifying the applicant to be blind is required. "Blind person" is defined as an individual having central vision acuity 20/200 or less in the better eye with correcting glasses, or a disqualifying field defect in which the peripheral field has contracted to such an extent that the widest diameter of visual field subtends an angular distance no greater than twenty degrees.
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Petition to Value Adjustment Board Transfer of Homestead Assessment Difference

This form is for use by taxpayers whose application for transfer of a homestead assessment difference was denied or who disagree with the amount of transfer granted as indicated on the Notice of Proposed Taxes. To petition the Value Adjustment Board, the taxpayer must:

• Complete and sign the petition.
• File the petition with the clerk of the Value Adjustment Board in    the county of the new homestead. A filing fee may be required.
• File by the 25th day after the Notice of Proposed Property Taxes    was mailed. (Section 200.065, Florida Statutes)''
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DR501TS Designation of Ownership Shares of Abandoned Homestead

File this form if you and your spouse (or former spouse) are current or former joint owners of qualifying property and want to designate shares of the homestead assessment difference. The designated shares can transfer to each of your new homesteads when you each apply for the homestead exemption on your properties.
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Voluntary Cancellation of Homestead Exemption

This form can be used if you have moved and no longer qualify for the Homestead Exemption on the property.
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Real Property Dedicated in Perpetuity for Conservation

You may be required to reapply for this exemption each year. Check with your county property appraiser. If the land is no longer eligible for this exemption, the owner must promptly notify the property appraiser. If you don’t and it is determined the land was not eligible for this exemption for any time within the last 10 years, the owner is subject to taxes exempted plus 18% interest each year and a penalty of 100% of the taxes exempted. Any property of the owner will be subject to a lien for the unpaid taxes and penalties.
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Real Property Dedicated in Perpetuity for Conservation – Exemption Renewal

Last year , this land received an exemption for land d4edicated in perpetuity for conservation purposes under section 196.26, Florida Statutes. If you are still eligible for this exemption, sign and date this form. Return it to the property appraiser’s office by March 1.

Your exemption will not be renewed unless this renewal application is returned to the property appraiser.
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AD Valorem tax exemption application Proprietary Continuing Care Facility

As owner, I must disclose to a qualified resident the amount of the benefit and how he or she will receive it. I affirm the resident will receive the full benefit from this exemption in either an annual or monthly credit to his or her unit's monthly maintenance fee. If a resident later qualifies for the exemption I will disclose the same information.

To apply for this exemption, a proprietary continuing care facility must:
* be certified under Chapter 651, F.S.
* not qualify for an exemption under section 196.1975, F.S., or similar exemption, on January 1 of the year applied for.

For each qualifying unit, on January 1, the resident must:
* hold a continuing care contract under Chapter 651, F.S.
* reside in and make the unit his or her permanent home
* not be eligible for any other homestead exemption
* file an affidavid with the facility.

Include an affidavit (sample on page 2) for each qualifying residents with this application.
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Original Application for Assessment Reduction for Living Quarters of Parents or Grandparents

This application must be made before March 1 of the year for which the reduction is to be granted.
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This is not an exemption, but a tax discount. If you think you may qualify for this discount, please see page two of this application. If you are still unsure as to whether or not to apply, then please do so and we will go through the verification process with you to be certain that you are entitled.
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Application and Return for Agricultural Classification of Lands

This form is used to request that the lands listed be classified as Agricultural Lands for property tax purposes, by the property appraiser of the county in which the lands are located.
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Agricultural Income and Information Form

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Land Used for Conservation, Assessment Application

Last year , this land received an exemption for land d4edicated in perpetuity for conservation purposes under section 196.26, Florida Statutes. If you are still eligible for this exemption, sign and date this form. Return it to the property appraiser’s office by March 1.
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Land Used for Conservation - Assessment Reapplication

Your exemption will not be renewed unless this renewal application is returned to the property appraiser.
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Working Waterfront Assessment Application

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Group/Separate Request
This is an in-house form used to request the grouping or separation of a parcel.
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Declaration of Mobile Home as Real Property

Each The owner must purchase an RP (real property) series sticker from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. This is a one-time purchase under Chapter 320, Florida Statutes. RP mobile homes are required to be assessed by the county property appraiser, placed on the real property assessment roll and taxed annually as real property.
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Petition to Value Adjustment Board

If you think that the market value noted is incorrect or if you think that you have evidence that the value exceeds the actual fair market value of your property, you are encouraged to contact the Property Appraiser's Office to speak with an appraiser. The appraiser can discuss the information, which was used to determine your property's value and welcomes the opportunity to review all pertinent facts regarding your property. The Property Appraiser does not control property values. They are determined by the rise and fall of the real estate market and are determined by the buyers and sellers.

If after meeting with an appraiser and examining all of the relevant data, you still think that your market value is higher than it should be, then you have a right to file a petition with the Value Adjustment Board (VAB). A VAB petition must be filed on or before the indicated deadline to have your assessment considered. This is the form you will need.

Petition Procedure
     Mail complete petition to:
     P.O. BOX 988

Please include the non-refundable filing fee of $15.00 per petition, made payable to:
     ((904) 269-6334 CINDY ATKINSON
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Important Information About Required Payments Before The Tax Delinquency Date To Avoid Denial Of Your Petition

The Department of Revenue has produced this information sheet to accompany blank VAB petition forms provided to petitioners. This information sheet contains important information for petitioners about the partial payments required before the delinquency date to avoid denial of petitions.

This form should link to VAB petition forms DR-486 (Value, Classifications and Exemptions) and DR-486PORT (Portability) by making the forms available as a "stacked" item underneath each of the DR-486 and the DR-486PORT forms.

A separate listing should be shown in the table at the top of the page, so that it can also be selected individually. The text should only exist in one instance and that would be when the table selection for the DR-486 Port Info Sheet is selected.
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If, after meeting/speaking with an appraiser from our office, it has been determined by you that the issue related to the filing of a petition has been resolved, it will be necessary to complete and submit a withdrawal of petition. This is the form you will need. Receipt of this completed form will be sent to you, either by phone, letter or email and it will no longer be necessary to appear for the hearing.
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Change of Ownership of Control, Non-Homestead Property

New property or business owners: If you have not recorded a deed with the county clerk of court documenting a change of ownership or control of non-homestead real property in Florida, you must complete this form and send it to the property appraiser of the county where the property is located.

A person who sells non-homestead property or a controlling interest in a business owning such property may submit this form but is not required to do so.
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Notice to Property Appraiser of Name and/or Address Change

This form can be used at any time to notify our office of a change of name or address for the current property owner.
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Voluntary discolsure of property

Rule 12D-16.002, F.A.C.

Use this form to disclose property that has not been perviously assessed, but should have been. To avoid retroactive taxes, submit this form to the property appraiser before January 1 of the tax year.
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Glossary of Terms

This is a handy listing of terms that are frequently used by this office or when appraising property. We thought this might be helpful.
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Return of Real Property in Attempt to Establish Adverse Possession

Section 95.18, F.S.

The person claiming adverse possession (claimant) must file this return with the property appraiser in the county where the property is located within one year after entering into possession. This return does not create any interest enforceable by law in the described property.
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Application for Separate Assessment of Mineral, Oil and Other Subsurface Rights

Section s. 193.481, F.S.

Use this form as the owner of the real property, who also owns mineral, oil, gas, or other subsurface mineral rights to the same property, to request that the property appraiser separately assess the subsurface mineral rights and the remainder of the real estate as separate items on the tax roll.
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Value Adjustment Board - Attachment to Single Joint Petition for Multiple Units Filing

Each petition with any attachments must be filed with the property filing fee or it will be invalid and rejected. Each parcel of property being appealed must be identified by a separate folio number. This form must be attached to a Form DR-486, when used.
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