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NEW: Introducing our Fourth Level of Service ''Limited Access'' - details

This website is a gateway to many Colorado county assessor's offices. Please click the map or use the links below to visit these counties where you may search property records via our on-line database. You will also find downloadable forms and other useful information related to these county assessor's offices.

Please note minimal access to the sites are currently being provided free of charge. The advanced parcel information and searches on these sites will be a fee-based service soon. To subscribe to this service click the Subscribe Now button above.

    1. What is the Colorado Property Tax Web Subscription Service?
    2. How does this subscription service work?
    3. What are the fees for the Subscription Service Levels?
    4. How do I subscribe?
    5. Subscription Level Summary

Chaffee County Assessor
Custer County Assessor
Gunnison County Assessor
Sedgwick County Assessor
Washington County Assessor
Yuma County Assessor

What is the Colorado Property Tax Web Subscription Service?
ACS, in cooperation with Colorado Assessors, is pleased to announce the Colorado Property Tax Information Web Service. This web service provides individuals and businesses access via the web to specific property tax information maintained by participating Colorado County Assessors. To get a list of participating counties, go to

How does this subscription service work?
To accommodate as many individuals and businesses as possible, ACS has developed multiple subscription options to this web service. There are three levels of service: Public Access, the Basic Subscription Service and the Advanced Subscription Service. The amount of data and the querying capabilities vary amongst the different service levels.

While the Public Access service is provided at no charge, the Basic and Advanced Subscription Services are fee based services. The fees and query capabilities increase from Basic to Advanced service. The subscribing individual or business will have the option of subscribing to individual counties or subscribing to all participating counties under one subscription. Within the Advanced Subscription Service, the subscriber can perform cross county sales searches/queries within the counties being subscribed to. For example, by subscribing to two counties, sales searches can be performed across both counties at one time.

Each subscriber, will receive up to six different user ID/password combinations. This enables the subscriber to provide their agents and/or businesses employee’s (e.g. Title Searchers, Appraisers, etc.) their own user ID and password. The subscribing business can manage who within their organization can access the system by controlling their agents user ID’s and passwords. Once obtaining a user ID and password, an agent will be able to log in from any PC using a standard web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).

For each subscription service level, there will be a limit to the number of parcels accessed per month. This is not to hinder a subscribers usage, it is intended to eliminate possible abuse of the system.

What are the fees for the Subscription Service Levels?
Below is the fee structure of the different Subscription Service Levels:
  Access To Single County Access to all participating counties
Public Access Free Free
Limited Access $275.00 per year NA
Basic Service $660 per year $1,980 per year
Advanced Service $1,110 per year $3,310 per year


How do I subscribe?
Subscription requests can be done on-line by clicking HERE. You will be asked to complete some basic information along with your selection of the level of subscription service. You will then print this form out and send it along with a check or money order to the address provided and your subscription account will be activated. You will receive an email confirming the activation of your account.

Subscription Level Summary
Subscription Level Search Options Property Information Available
Public Access
The public access service is available to the public at no charge. This allows the general public to have access to tax roll information without establishing a subscription.
Property Number search
Schedule Number search
Physical Address search
Name • Mailing Address • Physical Location Address • Tax District • Primary Property Usage • Parcel/Schedule Number • Net Levy • Certified Land Value • Certified Building Value • Certified Extra Feature Value • Certified Total Value • Certified Tax Amount
Basic Subscription Service
This service is intended for individuals and businesses that require additional information on a parcel. The information available to these subscribers also includes:
Same as above plus: Name • Subdivision • Number/Name • Neighborhood Code • Legal Description (full text search) • Sale Date Range • Sale Qualification code • Sale Instrument • Sale Book/Page Same as above plus: Full Legal Description • Land Use Code • Land Units/Unit Type • All Sales (sale date, book/page, price, grantor/grantee, etc.)
Advanced Subscription Service
This service is intended for individuals and businesses that require all information on a parcel. The information available to these subscribers also includes:
Same as above plus: Land Code/Description • Building Code/Description • Extra Feature Code • Description • Building AYB • Building Size • Total Parcel Size (acreage) Same as above plus: Full Building Detail • Building Sketch, if available • Full Land Detail • GIS Maps, if available • Digital Photos, if available

Additional Functionality: Monthly Sales Listings • Mailing Labels • Cross County Search Capabilities


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