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''Having worked with numerous technology providers during my 30 year career, I can say that QPUBLIC.NET has clearly exceeded my expectations in regards to the quality of software, the level of service and the ease with which we transitioned from our old web site to the new platform.''
David Day, Pickens County SC Assessor

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Welcome to qPublic
On-Line GIS & CAMA Data Experts!

QPUBLIC offers a complete turn-key system for distributing public records on-line at a fraction of the traditional cost! We take county's GIS, Parcel, and/or Tax Data and make it available to the public on-line in the form of a searchable database.

Enable your home and office users to access your Parcel and GIS data 24 hours a day while lowering cost!

    Offer homeowners, realtors, abstractors, fee appraisers, surveyors, title companies, lawyers, insurance companies, and others:
    • Parcel Records
    • GIS Data
    • Tax Data
    • Sales Searches
    • Downloadable Office Forms
    • Jurisdiction Information
    • Appraisal Information
    Without a trip to the office!

Please contact us today to find out how your county/municipality may receive 90 days of FREE service.

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